In order to guarantee that watermeter measurements will be correct within its whole life, the following verifications are performed:

  • INITIAL VERIFICATION. The set of tests performed by watermeter manufacturer to assure that complies with all current legislation to accomplish the quality and accuracy of the measurement and error limits, pressure loss, etc. It is mandatory and watermeters have to be marked with the appropriate markings to indicate that the test has been passed. The legislation related to this test is full developed.
  • PERIODIC VERIFICATION. The set of tests to be done on the watermeter after a defined period of use that shows how the watermeter has evolved during this installation period. It allows to know if the product maintains the necessary requirements or, on the contrary, has reached the end of its life. There is no Spanish Authorities regulation on this and only few Communities has developed partially this verification. We can recommend a period of eight years for domestic watermeters and one or two for industrial ones. The importance of this verification will depend on the consumption registered by this meter.
  • VERIFICATION AFTER REPAIR. After a meter repair, the initial verification seals are invalidated (destroyed) and replaced by a new ones that indicate the repair done. Verification after repair ensures that the meter meets again with the current regulations. The relevant legislation is developed by the Communities