Water meters are warranted for defects in materials, in manufacturing or in assembly. The guaranty consists on the repair or replacement (supplier elction) of that items recognized as defective, material defects or defects in the manufacturing or assembly.

Repairs will be understood to be made on the supplier facilities; packaging, cargo, transport, customs, rates, etc will be supported by the buyer (client). However, it may be agreed with the supplier to proceed with the repair or replacement of defective items at buyer's facilities.

The repair or replacement of a defective item does not change the start date of the guaranty period of the whole supply, however the guaranty period of the element repaired or replaced starts after its replace or substitution.

In no case the supplier will assume the repairs done by people not belonging its organization. It is excluded from the guaranty the damages or defects caused by the normal usage of the equipment.

Besides it is also excluded from the guaranty, which will be considered as expired, damages and defects caused by inadequate conservation or maintenance, storage, mishandling or negligent misuse, use of inadequate liquids, flows or pressures, inadequate installation, water quality variations, changes in supply process without supplier's approval, installations done or later modified without taking into consideration product technical instructions and generally, any cause that can not be attributable to the supplier.

Similarly, it will be excluded from meter's guaranty meter breakdown or failure caused by the freezing of the fluid in its interior and thus increasing volume.

In no case the supplier would be liable for incidental or consequential damages that may occur as a result of the supply, indicating so as illustrative but not limitative: loss of production, loss of earnings, cost of capital, cost of shutdowns, malfunctions or stops in supplied equipment or other equipment different than the supplied one, equipment damage or actions, equipment deterioration, Buyers' systems and buildings or third parties, accidents, accidents and incidents against Environment, etc