Requirements and Recommendations

Requirements and recommendations related to the manufacture and commercialization of water meter.


To have an ISO 9000 Quality Assurance system certified by a recognized organization

EEC Pattern Approvals put into effect by accredited warranty organisms

To Offer the following guarantees as manufacturers:

  • Like any other industrial device, water meters must have a manufacturing, a design and a component warranty. ANFAGUA recommends 1 year.
  • Metrological warranty cannot be offered by the manufacturer because it will depend on different working and handling conditions such as installation type, manipulation, water quality, type of consumption, etc.


  • To have a Metrological Control Registry Number according to Ley 3/85
  • Laboratory for initial verification according to RD 1617/1985
  • Periodic verification of calibration systems by the metrological authority (RD 1617/1985 art. 2 º)
  • Manufacturing records available for metrological inspection (RD 1617/1985 art. 21st)
  • Correct meter marking according to RD 1616/1985 or RD 597/1988
  • Initial Verification marking according to RD 1617/1985 art. 20th
  • Product traceability according to art. 21st of the RD 1617/1985.